Best GPS For Geocaching | Garmin Map Updates for your Nuvi GPS or Handheld GPS Device

Garmin Map Updates for your Nuvi GPS or Handheld GPS Device


Garmin Map Updates Explained

garmin map updates

Garmin Map Updates

Whether you own an in-car Garmin Nuvi or a handheld outdoor GPS for Geocaching there are a number of different official Garmin map update options available from Garmin. In this short overview we are going to explain to you what the different Garmin map updates are and how you can download them. Some are free GPS maps, and some will require a payment – all of them though are 100% official and will be compatible with your Garmin product.

Garmin Map Updates for Nuvi Automotive GPS

The Nuvi range of in-car automotive navigators are the most popular in the World, being responsible for millions of car and truck journeys every day. The maps on the Nuvi always come pre-installed as software so over time it is possible that the maps become out of date and need a refresh.

There are a number of options available for people wanting to update their maps, the most affordable being the nuMaps Onetime update which retails at just under fifty dollars. By downloading this option you will instantly have the latest version of the City Navigator NT mapping software on your GPS.

Free Garmin Map Updates

Occasionally it will be possible for customers to download free Garmin map updates; however this type of install is only available to Nuvi GPS products within the first 90 days of it receiving a satellite signal. To see whether you are eligible for a free Garmin map update you will need to register and login at their myGarmin customer website.

New Garmin TOPO Maps for Handheld Outdoor GPS Products
Garmin also produce outdoor GPS products including the popular Colorado and Dakota Series, and have recently released their new top-end models which go by the name of Montana.

If you love the outdoor life and are a fan of Geocaching then you will occasionally want to install new maps – this is particularly relevant if you are traveling to a new National Park or an area previously not included on your GPS handheld.

The most popular type of map download for Geocaching devices are the Garmin TOPO maps which offer detailed mapping including elevations, geographical points, and terrain contours. The TOPO map updates come in two different varieties – TOPO 24k and TOPO 100k.

If you require very detailed mapping then you should download Garmin TOPO 100k maps as these are just like using a more traditional paper-based map at 1:100,000 scale. These map update downloads include items such as:

· Conservation Areas , National Parks, and Forests
· Roads (For example, local roads, interstates, state highways, and trails)
· Water Locations
· Points of Interest (aka POIs)

To download new Garmin TOPO maps navigate to the official Garmin website and access their mapping section from the top black navigation bar. They have a handy map finder tool that lets you type in the Geocaching handheld GPS you own, and asks you where you are going to use it. The online system will then display all the different Garmin map update options that are available to you.

Not sure what maps you already have installed? If that’s the case all you need to do is register the handheld GPS on the myGarmin website and the dashboard will tell you what maps are loaded once you connect the device to the PC or Mac using your compatible USB cable.

It really is very easy to download and install Garmin map updates, and we would always recommend you go down the official route – as this will ensure you do not compromise the software on your GPS and will probably keep any warranties you have intact and up to date – which is great for peace of mind.


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  1. Don on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 1:04 am 

    I found out today that the unopened, brand new SD card a friend gave me is not updatable,(TOPO U.S. 100K, 010-C1098-00) date on it was Mar. 2013. Wet lands and roads around my house did not show up. Called Garmin and was told the TOPOs do not get updated like the streets and that the Northeast 24K is the same way. My street has been here for 7 years, not shown. I think Garmin’s TOPO will have you going the long way around, so you’d better have a paper map and compass if you go in the woods, try DeLorme.

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