Best GPS For Geocaching | Make The Garmin GPS 76 Your Geocaching Companion

Make The Garmin GPS 76 Your Geocaching Companion


Garmin GPS 76

Garmin GPS 76

While the Garmin GPS 76 is aimed at the serious fisherman, hunter, and wasteland trekker, it should also be considered one of the top choices for hard core geocachers as well.

Of course, you can get by with less expensive gps systems, but if you are a serious geocacher, then you will want to take a look at the 76 series from Garmin.

Why the Garmin GPS 76?

The Garmin GPSMap 76Cx is a favorite of boaters and marine enthusiasts, which makes it ideal for targeting caches in the off shore islands. However, if you do you geocaching on land or in the city among tall buildings, you will still get top notch reception and you’ll easily be led to within a few feet of your cache for the day.

Imagine having a small, only 7.6 ounces, yet totally accurate, highly sensitive GPS unit that will not only precisely track your position around the coastal water ways, lakes, canyons , heavy tree and cloud cover, and among city sky scrapers!

Garmin has outdone itself with the color display screen on the Garmin GPS 76, you do not have to hold your had over it to read it, the contrast is so good that it can be easily read in bright sunlight. It has a sunlight-readable color TFT display, a feature usually reserved for more expensive models.

Additionally, the Garmin GPS 76Cx Handheld GPS device comes with a 128 MB microSD card for storing optional maps. This little unit, while compact, is packed with terrific GPS mapping abilities.

Whether you intend to use the Garmin GPS 76 on the land or on the water, you will appreciate that the device will float. Geocachers, are always dropping their GPS systems in puddles or streams; it just comes with the territory. The lightweight device is water resistant to IEC 60529 standards, which means that it can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 mins.

Never worry about running out of power either. Using only two AA alkaline batteries, you can track your cache for up to 30 hours. Think you will be out for longer than that? Just take a few extra batteries.

After considering other makes and models, I think that you will agree that this lightweight, water resistant, easy-to-use, and easy to read GPS unit makes an excellent choice for geocaching enthusiasts of every description.

Look at any best gps for geocaching guide and you will see that the features inherent in the Garmin GPS 76 are just the ones you need to be a top drawer geocacher.

Where is the best deal for a Garmin GPS 76?

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