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Garmin Etrex Legend GPS


Garmin Etrex Legend GPS For Geocaching

garmin etrex legend gps

Garmin Etrex Legend GPS

With no doubt, Garmin Etrex Legend GPS is a great value for money product and it is used as a general-purpose global positioning system tool.

Since it is WAAS enabled it can accept radio signals that make the information it transmits totally accurate and reliable.

Garmin Etrex Legend GPS Is Accurate

The accuracy reading of Garmin Etrex Legend GPS is usually within 2-3 meters. It has a huge memory for storing data related to waypoints, routes and directions and this feature makes it one of the best global positioning system devices for geocaching.

The Garmin etrex Legend GPS is totally waterproof which makes it eligible for marine uses. Another highlight is that it keeps a tab on the routes that were traveled and keeps them stored in its memory.

The unit is lightweight and features an internal antennae, so it is perfect for outdoor activities. One disadvantage with this tool is that the signal weakens, but only on rare occasions. The rubberized plastic shell on this makes it easy to grip.

This highly chosen device for global positioning systems for geocaching has other models too, namely Garmin GPS 72, Garmin 60 GPS and Garmin GPS 76. Garmine GPS 72 is also WAAS enabled and you can rightly call it your personal navigator.

The Garmine GPS 72 is usually used by mariners and can withstand some amount of water splashing and dunking. Both professional fishermen and amateurs use this tool to get the latest information on the weather and tide. This rugged gadget has a huge memory and will remember many of your favorite places and destinations. The Garmin 60 GPS is also considered one of the best for geocaching and it is WAAS enabled also. It has a removable MicroSD card and a highly sensitive direction device. The Garmin 60 GPS has amazing navigation features and accurate and unbeatable global positioning system capabilities.

It is affordable so people who are put off by the price of other models can just buy this one. With just a couple of batteries, you can get more than 28 hours of outdoor life and it has unrivaled geocaching features. The monochrome display and bright LED display will allow you to find your way about quite easily.

Garmin GPS 76 is another hand-held marine tool that is trusted to the core by its regular users. It can store loads of information and is a perfectly reliable device on land too. Waterproof, the Garmin GPS 76 will give you a straight route to your destination and at the same time provide you with input about hazards and weather conditions.

It is also the best universal direction tool for hunting down cache because it is quick, accurate and has a decent battery life.

Top Choice Garmin Etrex Legend GPS

All in all, the best gps for geocaching is probably an individual decision, but the Garmins we’ve discussed here especially the Garmin Etrex Legend GPS device are listed among geocachers worldwide as favorites.


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