Best GPS For Geocaching

What Is The Best GPS For Geocaching?

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best gps for geocachingBefore we get into what is the best GPS for geocaching, let’s talk a little bit about what makes up the game. The worldwide, entertaining treasure hunting game of geocaching is actually designed around a GPS, in fact, no cache could be hidden or located without one. Of course, you’ll also need online access as the Internet is where all caches are listed and marked as found. Almost everyone these days has access to the Internet. So, what anyone new to the game will be looking for is what he or she considers the best geocaching GPS unit that has the most features that meets his or her own particular needs. And, just because a GPS system meets your geocaching needs doesn’t mean that it has to cost and arm and a leg. Amazingly, some of their prices are about half what they are at other online stores.

Garmin Forerunner 305 Sidebar

Not all geocachers are created equal, and for that reason,

the Best GPS For Geocaching,

really depends on the individual and how serious he or she is about the wildly popular worldwide technological treasure hiding and seeking game. It also depends upon where the geocaching enthusiast intends to be participating in the sport of geocaching. As an example, some geocaching enthusiasts will be searching for caches strictly within their own towns or cities, while other more adventurous and athletic participants will set their sights on a cache in the more remote mountain, forest, or desert locations.

The urban geocachers, the ones that are targeting and seeking caches in local neighborhoods within towns and cities will need a GPS preloaded with up-to-date road maps. However, the real outdoors type, the geocacher that enjoys hiking and camping and trekking through challenging rough terrain will not be all that concerned with an up-to-the-minute road mapping feature.

These goecaching enthusiasts will be more concerned with how the GPS unit performs using only coordinates to locate hidden caches, and how quickly and accurately it locks onto satellite signals no matter where the cache is located. They will want a GPS that continues to receive accurate information out in the boon docks, under heavy cloud and tree cover, in the mountains, and away from civilization all together, or while in a pocket or backpack. Additionally, they will want a lightweight unit that is easy to carry and one that is totally waterproof. In this example, the hiking/camping geocaching enthusiast will be able to get a terrific, dependable GPS at a bargain basement price, while the city geocacher will probably pay more for up-to-the-minute mapping features.

Here at Best GPs For Geocaching Guide, we will be introducing you to those GPS systems that are not only well suited for geocaching in general, but also have the specific GPS features needed to meet the needs of each individual enthusiast. Here, you’ll find the GPS that is perfect for you; one that will fit your ability and cache preference. We give you the PROS and CONS of every system we recommend. As you can easily tell because each geocacher is uniquely different, what may be the best GPS for geocaching for one enthusiast won’t necessarily be the best device for the next enthusiast.

GPS Best Prices

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Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator

As is the case of finding bargains on anything today, GPS best prices, can usually be found on line.  Who would have thought it?

Internet GPS Best Prices

And, in recent years, when I’ve been shopping on the the Internet for the best GPS prices for my geocaching club members, it has been my experience that  GPS Best Prices and the best prices on GPS system accessories can be found on Amazon.

Amazon’s online store basically has every kind of GPS unit known to man, the main thing is you kind of need to know what type of GPS will work best for you before you head on over to Amazon’s GPS dept to select the best priced gps.

Basically, all GPS gadgets do precisely the same thing; they display where you are right now, and they also show you how to get to get to your chosen destination.  No company can rightfully claim that it makes the best gps for geocaching, though some units are more suited to the game than others.

GPS Best Prices For All Types

This is the case whether they are handheld gps units, dash mounted, marine, portable, golf, geocaching specific gps devices or whatever else they are being used for at any particular time.

There are a gazillion different models to choose from and several different top rated manufacturers, of which Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom are the most popular and the best rated.

Probably, Garmin has the absolute best rated and has the best prices for gps units overall, but the other manufacturers have some good ones too.  Garmin is considered the leader in the field, and they have a mind boggling selection to choose from.

Also, Garmin’s engineers are always improving some little something about one of its models, and then putting the new and improved model on the market.

This happens almost on a yearly basis for every Garmin series, and when it does,  the previous year’s model can be purchased from Amazon for a huge eye popping discount.

GPS Best Prices Deeply Discounted

Here is a situation where you can find Garmin GPS best prices like none other.  I’ve even seen them sell for less than half their original selling price.  I saw one just the other day at Amazon for 59% off the regular selling price.  Talk about GPS best prices, that kind of deal would really help out at Christmas time.

There isn’t a thing wrong with last year’s model, and like we’ve already said, all GPS gadgets do basically the same thing; tell you where you are and get you to where you are going.

So if you’re one of those people that can live without the latest and greatest, and you don’t just have to have the gadget with all the newest bells and whistles, then you can just focus all your attention of shopping for GPS best prices.

But, before you go looking for the best GPS prices, you’ll need to ascertain a thing or two.  And, a good starting place for anyone looking for their first GPS system is to decide what activities you’ll be using the unit for.

Will it be used as a personal travel assistant, getting you across the city and to a certain address or point of interest?

Maybe you’re into RV’s and want to travel the country with your dog and spouse, or maybe you want the GPS to take along on family vacations so you won’t get lost trying to locate one of six million points of interest.  Yes, some of these low cost GPS unit’s store up to that many points of interests, POI’s as they are called.

Imagine touring Washington D.C. for example and being able to drive, without fear of getting lost, your own car right to The White House and Capitol Hill, to Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian, to Mount Vernon, Gettysburg, and Williamsburg.

Will you be using it aboard your boat, then you’ll want to look for a best priced GPS that has coastal water ways maps.  Will you be using it outdoors for camping, hunting, fishing, goecaching, or multiple sports activities such as running, cycling, or cross country skiing?

Some of these units come with a bicycle mount, or there are some that can be strapped to your wrist, like a watch.  I love these watch-like units, because they are hands free and you don’t have to worry about dropping them in a puddle or banging them around too much.

Also, these sleek-looking little wrist mounted gps units, like the Garmin Forerunners, can double as personal training assistants.  You can use them for running, cycling and various other sports as well as for geocaching.  The down side to the watch type gps units is that they don’t have as much memory storage as some of the other gps devices.

Or maybe you’re interested in one of the new golfing gps units.  These units come preloaded with thousands of golf courses.  I’m a golfer, and I would love to find one of the Garmin Approach G5 golfing GPS gadgets in my Christmas stocking.

Since the golfing gps devices are fairly new, I wouldn’t look for too much of a discount on these handy little golfing gps gadgets though.

I would certainly be the talk of my little golf club. if I had one of the golf specific gps models.  They tell you things like how far it is to the hole no matter where you are on the course, and they also show you all the sand traps.  They are so deadly accurate, that they are not allowed on the professional tours.

In any case, once you’ve decided how and where you’ll be using your new GPS, then you’re all set to go on over to Amazon’s online GPS store to find their  best prices for GPS units.

Maybe you’re interested in one of their new handheld gps devices like the pictured Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator for geocaching, camping, or hiking.

Or maybe you like to travel by land and by sea, then you’ll need a portable GPS device that can be taken right from its vehicle dash mount and placed in its marine mount right on your boat.

If you are a geocacher, Remember the best gps for geocaching doesn’t have to be all that expensive, it fact, it can be one of the least expensive.   Look on Amazon’s GPS best prices, without a doubt you’ll be able to find a real steal of a deal.

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver Gives Ultimate Versatiltiy

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Whether you’re a hard core geocacher or not, the Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver offers the ultimate in versatility.  Garmin designed their GPSmap 478 to  be a whiz on the coastal waterways as well as on all the roads of North America.

And, you don’t have to spend a lifetime learning how to work the gadget; it’s made to go right from the original box to your land transportation and then on to your boat and quickly back again.  Or, you can also use it as a handheld GPS unit.  Many use it up on the fly bridge.

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver, cache, Garmin 478, GPSmap 478, geocacher, GPSmap 478 chart plotter, Handheld gps unit

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver

The Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver comes with an auto mount and a boat mount, everything you need for ease of transfer and immediate use no matter if you’re on the water or traveling city streets or the back roads of all of North America.

The  marine charts  are built-in and utilize the latest BlueChart g2 technology and feature coverage for all U.S. coastal areas, including Alaska and Hawaii.  There are no additional downloads needed or required.  You’re all set to track down the most difficult cache right out of the box.

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver Features:

Speaking of what’s in the box, look at what you get:

  • GPSMAP 478 chart plotter that comes preloaded with U.S. marine detail maps using g2 technology.
  • Full Coverage City Navigator NT of North America.
  • Waypoint and Trip Manager,
  • USB/PC interface cable, power/data cable, automotive and marine mount, and also a universal friction mount.
  • 12-volt adapter cable with speaker.
  • AC charger,
  • Protective cover, owner’s manual, and a quick reference guide.

Not only can you go right from the curb to the dock, the Garmin 478 has optional features to make it the perfect GPS device no matter where you might want to travel whether on sea or land.

Its optional plug in data cards that let you easily add more maps and features combined with its optional sonar and weather capabilities make this GPSmap 478 one terrific  navigator for both land and sea.

Current users are enamored with the Garmin GPSmap 478 Receiver.  They love its ease-of-use, its portability, its durability, and its mapping system.

Here’s what David Miller a software developer had to say about the Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver:

“The g2 charts are impressively detailed, giving island and reef names, showing contours of channels, rock piles, channel markers, depths, etc. The unit tracks where I go both on land and sea and has plenty of memory for keeping the tracks for many trips.”

And listen to what D. Hoover from Chicago says about the GPSmap 478 GPS:

“The many page layouts that it has are great. It allows you to customize each page as well, so you can easily monitor many things across a few pages or by choosing a multi-column layout you can squeeze it all into a single page. It updates the pages so frequently, that I don’t even look at my compass anymore.”

Best Deal on  a Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver

Best of all, the Garmin 478 can be had right now for 49% off the normal purchase price. What a super bargain deal this is.  The Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver really has everything you will need as you combine your land trips with your coastal water way excursions.

With the Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver, whether you’re navigating on land or sea, weather and audio options travel right with your plotter.

As a matter of fact, this GPSmap 478 chart plotter can display real-time weather information on the high-resolution 256-color sunlight-readable TFT display.  This convenient capability allows you to read the display at a glance with no squinting or having to move to different lighting conditions.

With no doubt, the Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver is engineered to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever weather comes your way.

So that you can spend more time enjoying the water and less time worrying about the weather, you can view NEXRAD radar, wind speeds, storm cells, surface temperatures, forecasts and more than a dozen other weather attributes.

And with the GXM 30 antenna, you’ll also have the option of receiving XM Satellite Radio’s 150 plus channels of commercial-free (don’t you love commercial-free anything) music, sports, news, talk and entertainment programming.

The Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver is considered the best gps for geocaching if you are the ultimate geocacher.

The Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver For Geocaching

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Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver For Land And Sea

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver For Land And Sea

Using the Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver for your geocaching expeditions would have to be the the best of the best, the ultimate geocaching experince, wouldn’t it?

With the Garmin GPS 478, you would be the lucky one among your fellow geocachers who would have the ability to target literally any cache anywhere.

You wouldn’t be limited to the ones that you could get to only by land.

Just thinking about the prospect of targeting a cache off some island somewhere rings my adventure seeking bell, and that is just what you would be able to do with the Garmin GPSmap 478 portable receiving system.

It is made to go right from the box to the vehicle and then to your boat.  You don’t have to have any prior gps gadget knowledge, and you don’t need any additional downloads either.

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver  Features:

It’s got features out the wazoo besides being easy-to-use right out of the box.  Here’s just a few of the features that come built-in on the Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver:

  • It is a WAAS-Enabled, 12 Parallel-Channel GPS Receiver Unit
  • For Offshore Applications
  • It has Built-In Marine Detail Charts Of The United States Coastline, Including Alaska & Hawaii
  • It Utilizes Elements Of The New Bluechart G2 Technology
  • Preloaded With City Navigator Nt Detailed Street Maps Of  The Whole Of North America.

And that is just for starters, look at some of the other features:

  • It uses the latest BlueChart g2 technology for its built-in marine charts, which covers all the continental United States coastal areas, and it also includes Hawaii and Alaska.
  • This technology provides for a smoother, much more fluid presentation on your screen.
  • You’ll be pleased with the Garmin 478 on road trips too.   It comes preloaded with City Navigator NT detailed street maps for North America.
  • And, it even has automatic routing with voice guidance to help get you where you’re going pronto and with no technological hassles.
  • The GPSmap 478 also includes a top quality industry leading database with more than six million points of interest including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, marinas, attractions and more.
  • This Garmin GPSmap 478 system also tracks 10,000 points with the automatic track log saving up to 15 points.
  • Talk about flexibility, an included marine mount and automotive kit make it a complete snap to move the unit from boat to car and back again.

This Garmin GPS for both sea and land is easy-to-use, it’s dependable, and it’s fun.  For geocaching, you’ll have the exact GPS tool to find your next cache even it it’s located on an off shore island or even if its coordinates take you under water.  Hence, it might well be the best gps for geocaching for the ultimate geocacher.

With the Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver….

none of your fellow geocaching enthusiasts will be able to find the more difficult caches quicker that you.

  1. This Garmin 478 GPS receiver gets rave reviews especially from its seagoing users:  This is the best Sea to Land to Road GPS I have found and certainly the best GPS I’ve ever owned (and I’ve had many). I seamlessly use the 478 on my Sailboat, Motorcycle and Car.  Outstanding Product  by: Nativescape, Chicago Ill.
  2. Ship to shore.  Yes, all products have a learning curve and the Garmin GPSMap 478 is no exception. This said, the 478 is a very useful tool in any environment. It will guide you to roadway destinations with precision and charm (using the voice feature) and plot a course through nationwide coastal cruising. by: D. Craig Druitt, South Bay, LA
  3. I purchased this device because I wanted a gps that does well both on the water and on the road. I have been very impressed with it so far. The preloaded water charts have nearly as much depth detail as a paper chart. The display is also very bright and easy to read. Even though I purchased it as more of a backup, I find myself looking at it more than the older built in one on the boat, since the maps and display are so nice. by: J. Farrell, Waterford, CT

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver  Reviews

To read more real-life reviews from real users ot this outstanding land and marine GPS system, visit: Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver Reviews.
If pricing is a consideration, the versitile Garmin GPS 478  can now be purchased for 49% below the regular pricing at: Amazon’s Great Price On The Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS ReceiverGarmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver

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