Best GPS For Geocaching | What Is The Best GPS For Geocaching?

What Is The Best GPS For Geocaching?


best gps for geocachingBefore we get into what is the best GPS for geocaching, let’s talk a little bit about what makes up the game. The worldwide, entertaining treasure hunting game of geocaching is actually designed around a GPS, in fact, no cache could be hidden or located without one. Of course, you’ll also need online access as the Internet is where all caches are listed and marked as found. Almost everyone these days has access to the Internet. So, what anyone new to the game will be looking for is what he or she considers the best geocaching GPS unit that has the most features that meets his or her own particular needs. And, just because a GPS system meets your geocaching needs doesn’t mean that it has to cost and arm and a leg. Amazingly, some of their prices are about half what they are at other online stores.

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Not all geocachers are created equal, and for that reason,

the Best GPS For Geocaching,

really depends on the individual and how serious he or she is about the wildly popular worldwide technological treasure hiding and seeking game. It also depends upon where the geocaching enthusiast intends to be participating in the sport of geocaching. As an example, some geocaching enthusiasts will be searching for caches strictly within their own towns or cities, while other more adventurous and athletic participants will set their sights on a cache in the more remote mountain, forest, or desert locations.

The urban geocachers, the ones that are targeting and seeking caches in local neighborhoods within towns and cities will need a GPS preloaded with up-to-date road maps. However, the real outdoors type, the geocacher that enjoys hiking and camping and trekking through challenging rough terrain will not be all that concerned with an up-to-the-minute road mapping feature.

These goecaching enthusiasts will be more concerned with how the GPS unit performs using only coordinates to locate hidden caches, and how quickly and accurately it locks onto satellite signals no matter where the cache is located. They will want a GPS that continues to receive accurate information out in the boon docks, under heavy cloud and tree cover, in the mountains, and away from civilization all together, or while in a pocket or backpack. Additionally, they will want a lightweight unit that is easy to carry and one that is totally waterproof. In this example, the hiking/camping geocaching enthusiast will be able to get a terrific, dependable GPS at a bargain basement price, while the city geocacher will probably pay more for up-to-the-minute mapping features.

Here at Best GPs For Geocaching Guide, we will be introducing you to those GPS systems that are not only well suited for geocaching in general, but also have the specific GPS features needed to meet the needs of each individual enthusiast. Here, you’ll find the GPS that is perfect for you; one that will fit your ability and cache preference. We give you the PROS and CONS of every system we recommend. As you can easily tell because each geocacher is uniquely different, what may be the best GPS for geocaching for one enthusiast won’t necessarily be the best device for the next enthusiast.


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  1. Miles Vargas on Thu, 21st Nov 2013 6:28 am 

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